Handmade Round Wood Bead Cross Pendant Bracelet(Brown)

Handmade Round Wood Bead Cross Pendant Bracelet(Brown)

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1. Bead material: wooden beads
2. Wearing a cross means wishing for happiness, luck and protection, suitable for daily wear
3. Can be used as friendship, couple, lover bracelet or birthday, anniversary, holiday, graduation, Christmas Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, bridesmaid to anyone you care about
4. Rosary beads, also known as Buddhist beads, are a combination of a wooden cross and a rosary necklace. They can be used as bracelets or pendants according to your own preferences. They can be used for various prayer beads
5. It can also be placed in the car. The beads can bring beneficial protection.
6. Bead size: 10mm
7. Wooden sign size: 1.8x2 cm
8. Weight: 10g
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One Package Size 14cm * 12cm * 3cm / 5.51inch * 4.72inch * 1.18inch
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Carton Weight 14.00kgs / 30.86lb
Carton Size 30cm * 20cm * 20cm / 11.81inch * 7.87inch * 7.87inch
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